When spam went overboard

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I guess today is the day that will be remembered as "When spam went overboard" ;-)

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Yes, they are really eager at H5P.org now. Every spam user has a new IP address, and always from a new country, so blocking IP addressess doesn't work, and the captcha doesn't stop them either. Might be humans, not bots. We're now moderating everything before it gets published and will put in place more measures as well tomorrow. Users with extra access gets to publish comments directly, but every new forum thread currently is saved as unpublished and will be published by a moderator.

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The captcha expiration time is incredibly short and therefore really annoying. 

I have to do it every time I make changes to one of my course presentations.  I hate to make it sound like I am threatening, but this may cause me to reconsider my use of H5P

What can you do please?


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We've made changes to reCAPCHA on h5p.org.

I hope it works better for you now. Let us know what you think.

- Tom