interactive video --> crossroads --> go to URL, not just timecode

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Hello again, 

In the interactive video task options, there is navigation hotspot and crossroads.

Navigation Hotspot allows users to go to a timecode or to a URL.

Crossroads only allows users to go to timecodes.  no go to URL option for Crossroads.

I think it is common for a video to be like a tutorial, and for more robust quizzing and interactivity to happen outside the video.  I would like to be able to create a crossroads interaction in which users can choose to: a) rewatch the lesson or b) go to a quiz which is at a URL outside the video.

I think this could be facilitated by adding the 'go to URL' option for Crossroads choices.  Please see attached images.  Please also see attached video lesson and quiz.

thank you always, 


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Hi Avi,

Thanks for your input! It's very detailed and nice! +1

- Tom