Allow upload of audio file for all task descriptions-->audio instruction to user

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Hello again, 

As I create content, I keep thinking that 'add audio' would be useful not just in certain content types, but for all content types, as an optional way add Task description --> Instructions to the user.  We learn to listen before we learn to read.   It would be cool to have verbal instructions optional for all tasks.  This is also in the spirit of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), creating flexible learning environments that can accommodate various differences and disabilities.  For example, in a Hotspots task, learners who cannot read could still participate if they were given verbal instructions such as "Click on the helicopter."  or "Click on all the vehicles that fly." (for the new Multiple Hotspots content type).

Further, audio instructions can add engagement, as there is a human voice guiding the learner.  It humanizes the task as there is a mentor character speaking to the learner.

thank you, 


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Great idea Avi. H5P has a long way to go in having a more inclusive UX and audio instructions would be a great way to improve it. 

A stop-gap solution could be enabling the Chrome Vox read-speaker extension. Most of the content types have been designed to be read-speaker compatible.