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Is anyone creating A La Carte activities that can be launched & tracked from a web page with xAPI/LRS?

As a high school teacher, my hope is to create a well-designed learning experience (LXD) that is process driven using learning analytics enabled (LAE) content, assessments, and activities that the interactions and use patterns are tracked and shown in the form of a real-time learner/teacher dashboards.

gomo at (https://www.gomolearning.com/) is the only platform i can find that makes sense for me at the moment, but it still is a powerpoint adapted model that they upgraded with xAPI/LRS capabilities.   i want to get away from Captivate/Storyline/Softchalk model.  you must package the learning like a box lunch.  

I would like to use multiple A La Carte activities that my students with different learning styles can use to achieve the same learning outcome that launches from my LMS.   Let's call it a learning activity buffet!  Where the learner can choose one of each main concepts to prepare for the assessment(s).

That way the learning & click analytics could tell me the use pattern & results so I can visualize how my student is trying to learn.  With this knowledge, I can individualize learning.   Plus, I should be able to see the effort put out to the end result ratio.  This is big for me so when the parent comes to me fussing about their kid not doing well I can show them why.

I would like public schools to move from chronologic advancement of students to the next grade (pushing the kid through the system) to Learning Analytics evidence-based model showing the kid is ready to Level up based on their mastery of knowledge, skills, and performance (Earn it).   

I see every kid as a startup...too many are failing!  They are not employable and career-ready (whether it is after high school or college)


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Thanks for the in-depth post, mbaiada.

Joubel, the company behind H5P, are going to be releasing H5P.com by the end of this year and it should contain all the features you are looking for.

- Tim 

Great news!  Thanks!