Inclusive Pronouns

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  • A new content type where the learner answers with his voice and downloads an audio file

instead read

  • A new content type where the learner answers with their voice and downloads an audio file

then half the human race wouldn't have to feel like they weren't being included.

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A really cryptic post, Kiosa Coup. Are you sure it belongs in this "Bugs in content types" forum?

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Cryptic? Sorry. I have been wondering how you all could possibly speak, read and write such EXCELLENT English. Respect!

In Norwegian you say han or hun for he or she, right?  And dere when speaking in the plural? That's gender neutral, no? It's the same in English.

H5P's UX pronouns are invariably male identified. Why would you want to do that? In 2011–12, some 76 percent of public school teachers were female.


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Thanks for bringing this up Kiosa Coup. I wholeheartedly agree and have let the rest of the Core Team know. We're going to stick with gender neutral pronouns from now on. 

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So great!

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Thanks for clarifying, Kosa Coup. Now I understand what you mean. I suggest you re-post to the General discussion forum.