Course Presentation: Navigation & Reordering Slides

I made a couple of Course Presentations tonight, and the one thing that's really missing is an optional slide menu overlay (a bit like the keywords one) to make it easier for users to jump sections. I know I can build my own anchors to specific slides, but it's extra time consuming for content creators to build custom nav menus for every presentation. 

Why not create a checkbox list of all slides in the deck? Should be possible, no? Content creators can then check off the slides that are chapter start pages and the checked items get added to a menu list that can be added like the keywords overlay. [does that make sense?]

The other feature I really miss in the Course Presentation is an easy way of re-ordering existing slides. 

Thanks for building this awesome tool and keep up the great work!

Slide navigation/Reorder existing slides
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Thanks GiaR, I've made a note of this feature request and hopefully if enough users ask for it either a developer from the community will step up and contribute some code or the Core Team will perhaps make an issue for it.

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I was just searching for any posts abot changing keywords menu  width, and when I read this I wondered, why not use the keywords menu feature?   I use the keywords menu as a 'chapter' menu, and can't see why it doesn't fulfill the requirement described here!!