Separate Results for Shared Resources

We are using the WordPress plugin. After building H5P content, we see great value in the opportunity to share these interactive modules with other teachers as Open Educational Resources.

The issue we have is that the results from the interactive are only available to the initial creator -- even when the H5P file is downloaded, and uploaded into a separate WordPress install -- unless the content is edited slightly by the second teacher. I see great value in tracking the results when an object I create is embedded somewhere else (eg: Created on my WordPress site, but housed in my LMS course), but if a second teacher downloads content I've created, and uploads it into their own WordPress install, could it be made more clear how they can track the results of that interactive on their site?

Currently when the h5p file is downloaded and uploaded into another teacher's site, if that teacher doesn't make any changes, and just uploads and saves the content, then the results are not tracked on their site, but continue to be tracked on the original owner's site. If that second user edits the H5P content on their site after uploading it (make any small change, then saves) a new results table is created, and the second user can begin tracking their own data.

Could a toggle could be added by the Save button, to allow for a new results table to be created when an H5P file is uploaded into the H5P library?

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This would require some additional setup on each site. Currently, you should be able to do some of this without much trouble if you have some experience in overriding plugin behavior, however, you may run into some cross-site conflicts.

Over at Joubel, they're working on a service that allows for what you're looking for. You can sign up for updates over on