Sort / Search Comments below each content type

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First, I love this plugin.  Super powerful and great stuff.  Active user!  

I often want to read the latest comments about a content type on its page, but they are sorted chronologically by page, yet each page is sorted in reverse chronological order.  It's really counterintuitive to navigate.  If someone wants to read and/or reply to the most recent comments, one has to go down to the bottom of the first page, and click last.  Then, one has to scroll down again to the bottom of that last page to see the those most recent comments.  

It would be great if users could sort comments by most recent, or search the comments by keyword.  Perhaps even "vote up" comments which are of interest to them as well.

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Great suggestion Avi. Each page is actually sorted by the 'last replied', but I agree that it's not very intuitive at all. 

I'm working on adding a voting system to the forum and you'll be sure to see it once it's released.

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