iframe embedder does not accept URL in download example

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When I upload your example file -  iframe-embedder-621.h5p -  in iframe embedder (in the Moodle plugin) I get:

File "phet.html" not allowed.

Only files with the following extensions are allowed: json png jpg jpeg gif bmp tif tiff svg eot ttf woff woff2 otf webm mp4 ogg mp3 txt pdf rtf doc docx xls xlsx ppt pptx odt ods odp xml csv diff patch swf md textile.

Creating an iframe with url in the iframe-editor works fine.

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Hi, the iframe has a html file in it which is not in your list of allowed file types that can be inside an H5P package. To add html to the whitelist go to "H5P settings" and add " html" to the end of the "White list of accepted files." option, then try to upload the example again.

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 To add html to the whitelist go to "H5P settings" and add " html" to the end of the "White list of accepted files." 

Thanks for this information, it is very useful... Now I only wonder why html and htm are not on the white list by default..

(By the way, I do not see the white list in the settings page of H5P under Moodle.)

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Unfortunately I see that this is not possible at the moment. I have created an issue for addressing this, you can follow it at: https://h5ptechnology.atlassian.net/browse/HFP-897

Thank you for reporting this issue

I, I just got a website that uses IFrame but under their plugins I don't see H5P.  Is there a way that I can make interactive exercices with H5P and from my own website let my students make the exercice?  Thank you.


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Hi Elisa,

You can create your contents in H5P.org and get the embed code to insert in your website.


Thanks for you quick reply.  But there is one thing that I do  not understand.  My website is hosted on site123, which does not support H5P or moodle.  But if I copy the linkas embed code it will work?  And for this, do I have to have a pay account with H5P ?  Thank you very much.  My questions are probably stupid but I am starting!!   I'm a French teacher and I have created a very nice grammar course on Moodle (with Openedu) for my students but my school will stop using Moodle and I am looke ways to transfer all my interactive exercices made with H5P and I don't know how I can do this...

Thanks!  Elisa

thanks for your reply. several times I tried to post an answer on your reply but it did not work..!

first of all thank you for your reply but I still have some questions.

I am a teacher and this past year my school paid us a Moodle account hosted on OpenEdu and on which I made many interactive exercices for my students. But now my school will no longer use Moodle and OpenEdu and I am trying to find a way to recover everything that I made. Besides the Moodle, I also have my own website (site123) for my students but unfortunately they don't have the pluggin h5p.

At this point I just want to recover everything that I made. 

if I go on my exercices made with h5p on Moodle I don't see anything that allows me to copy an embed code. 

I also open aan account on h5p (free of charge  for 30 days) to see if I could recuperate my exercices but if I click on Upload I get only acces to my documents on my computer. 

I'm pretty desesperate! Assistance, advice would be welcome!

thank you! Elisa Vena 

HI!  Thank you for your reply but I don't understand it.  Here is the situation.  I am a teacher and my school used Moodle this last year and I created many Interactive exercices on it with H5P.  But now my school will stop using Moodle and I am trying to find a way to transfer my H5P content.  I opened a H5P account but I don't know how to transfer my exercices on it because when I click on Upload I only get the possibility to upload something from my computer.  I also have a website but I contacted them and they do not support the plugin H5P but I know that I have the possiblity to copy embed code.  What I think I have to do is 

1. copy my interactive exercices on my h5p.com account (but I don't know how to do that)

2. copy the embede code of these exercices on my website (but I don't know where I can find these embed code...).  Can you assist me? :-)  Thank you very much,  Elisa


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Hi Elisa,

You should not go the embed code route this is because once your school terminates the use of Moodle all your contents will not be accesible. To be able to save your work you need to download your contents. To do this you need to access each content and depending on the version of H5P installed in Moodle either you see a "download" or "reuse" button. Clicking on this will download a copy of the content into your computer which in turn you can upload to H5P.com.

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