Poll with results

Hi everyone,

I'm a h5p beginner, and i will create a poll with result on end.

How i can show result with percentage on the end of the questionnaire ?

Merci everyone for your help !

Create a poll with H5P questionnaire
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Hi Emilien, it's not possible right now but I've moved this to the feature requests forum. Hopefully a developer can make this a reality!

Has there been any progress made on a poll content type if not, can you suggest where to start to make one?

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Hi mightysmile,

I'm sorry but no one has picked this up. The good news is that H5P is open source and you can make the changes yourself. Please check this page for additional information.


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We have a number of courses where we want learners to participate in a poll. The issue is whether we could create one poll that a number of participants could use, which would provide results to them all.

At the moment, we're using a WP plugin, but would be very interested in doing this in H5P.

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Hi dotsandspaces,

I'm sorry there are no updates yet on this. Although with the changes to Quiz (Question Set) in the past few months this can be done at a certain degree. In the Quiz content you can now hide the solution, scores and check button. Please check this sample content I prepared.


Yes please!! :)