Dialog cards interface bug (on mobile devices?)

Hi all,

When using flash cards, nothing happens when the buttons below the summary ("start again", and "Continue with round 2") are clicked upon, after finishing round 1.

I tried this on latest version of iPad and iPhone. My Moodle-site (3.5) had the latest update.

On my laptop (Ubuntu) the Flash cards works fine though.

Thanks a lot for helping fix this issue.

Kind regards,


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Hi Ralf!

I just tried it on on ipod, and it works fine there. What iOS/Safari version do you use?



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Your title says dialog cards bug and your explanation says flash cards.  Those are two different content types.  Which is the one that is giving you problems?

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Hi Ralf,

I also checked this and it is working fine. Would you mind providing a test URL so that we can check.