Display Problem

I am creating a book in moodle 3.7.2. I have embeded several different h5p content types on a single page as mini comprehension activities. The problem I am having is as the page loads the h5p content jumps for a while before finaly loading. I have removed the script to automatically resize and this fixes the problem, but when my students use a phone or tablet the size is too big and they have to move it around. This is annoying but fine for multi-choice and such but completely imposible for any drag and drop or find the word activities. I can give a test login and password if part of the core team wants to look at it and recreate the problem. Seems to me that if you embed multiple activities onto the same page the resize script has issues. 

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Hi hensleyacademy,

Would you mind providing additional information below: The core team has been busy and may not be able to look at your issue anytime soon but if we have more information maybe someone oin the community can give us some suggestions:

  1. Any errors in the browser console
  2. Does this issue happen on any specific browser if so which browser and version.
  3. Did it work before? If it did were there any recent changes to the computer/browser?