Disable 'well done'-animation

I would like to use H5P in a more academic setting, and I find the 'Well done'-animation that appears too playful. Is there a possibility to disable this animation or change it? 

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What do you mean with "academic" setting and why do you consider the 'Well done'-animation to be too playful?

Thanks for your reply. I mean that our courses are mainly aimed at healthcare professionals and PhD-students and consist of complex subject matter. Using H5P can make our environment more flexible in the way we use rich content, but the animation can be seen as playful or maybe 'childish' by our students. This is, in my opinion, because of the way the animation enters the screen and the text provided in the animation. If we enter 'Well done!' in an e-module for our target group we get feedback that they feel they are not being taken seriously. 
I think it would be nice to have different styles of that animation, or to be able to turn it off and for example only show text.

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Hey Roy,

thanks for clearing this up. I've been workin in academia for 10 years myself, and your question reminded me of the "serious academic" discussion from last year, see e.g. the Chronicle of Higher Education. I can totally understand your reservation, although I never got bad feedback from PhD students for doing "silly" stuff with them in a live setting that would probably be better categorized "rainbow kittenish", not merely a "Well Done"-animation. I am really curious: what cultural background do your students have and what particular discipline in health care are you in?

But enough elaborating rather off-topic and back to your question. Altering or removing should be possible by changing the CSS (the element h5p-question-question-container or its parts), but unfortunately there's no option in the settings to change or remove it directly. Of course, you can also add a feature request to the appropriate forum!


Thanks for your answer! I agree with you that it may not be interpreted as 'silly' by PhD-students, but our target group also includes busy professionals who need the content to improve their performance for example. I am not sure whether they appreciate feedback like that animation. Even though they might, I would still like to have the ability to decide this for myself. Because we teach worldwide with professionals from all over the globe, in various subjects, a more clean and simple animation would do the trick for me.

I have added a feature request as you suggested, I will also ask our developer to have a look at the CSS since I'm "just" an instructional designer. Thanks again!

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Hey Roy!

It was absolutely not my intention to take the decision from you. And don't be afraid of some CSS. Tweaking some code isn't magic.