forking a specific content type in Moodle


Hello all,

I have a question I could not find the answer to on this forum. 
I'm using the content type "Column" within my MOODLE 3.7 environment. 
Within this column, I'm using the content "text".

This content (text) i would like to fork, so that teachers could select the fork, and (for instance) allways have the right settings.. (such as lettertype, font size of background color).

Where can this be done within Moodle? 

Thank you!


How can I fork a certain content type
Content types: 
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You can create a fork of content types by downloading a package that contains the library and then changing the files on the respective folder of the  library. You need to change the name in library.json too.

 To use it in column you have to change the semantics.json file of the column library to include it as an option and add a reference to the fork in the preloaded dependencies of column.