Fill in the blanks marks correct answers as wrong


I see someone created a bug report for this a few years ago but never found a fix—just remade the whole thing from scratch, which I don't want to have to do every time this happens. Every so often when I create fill-in-the-blanks exercises, one or two of the answers will be marked as wrong even though they're correct to the letter. See screenshot below for an example (it's in Russian so I apologize if that makes it hard to follow, but even if you can't read the Cyrillic alphabet you should be able to see that the words marked as incorrect are 100% identical to the words given as corrections).

As you can see, this only happened with two of the answers, and I did absolutely nothing differently when writing up these two answers. This happens completely at random when I create fill-in-the-blanks exercises normally, so please don't respond to this bug report asking for more "steps to reproduce the issue." All I did was make a fill-in-the-blanks quiz. The only change I made to the settings was turning off Case Sensitive.

This is on desktop, Windows 10, Google Chrome,, no errors/extensions/updates that I've ever been aware of when this happens. Link:

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This bug report isn't coming up on the forum. I don't think anyone else is able to see it either. What's going on?

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Hi uwmlrc,

First off sorry for having to reply to your own comment all posts are moderated to make sure that no spams get through.

For bug report I downloaded and uploaded your content to my account and turned on the "case sensitive" but the issue won't show itself. I also tried creating several contents to test if I can reproduce the issue but I'm afraid it is the same result. You did mention that this happens randomly so I suggest that you reply to this thread if this happens again with the link to the content with the issue.


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Привет, uwmlrc!

Some of the solutions that you provided don't use a regular space, but a non-breaking space. They are the same visually, but not "internally". A assume you copied the text from somewhere else where non-breaking spaces were used. Just replace the "wrong" spaces with regular spaces, and you should be good to go.