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Hi there,

I'm using H5P (v1.5) for moodle. I have been creating like thousands of h5p for months only in one language.
Now, I need to translate them all to the forced language of the course they are.
I decided to update to v1.19 because I read about a new setting to translate a given h5p to another language and that works pretty good but I can´t translate them one by one; that would be a never ending job.
Is there something I can do to make this jobs a little bit easier: cli script, something I can do programmatically, any function using parameters, etc?

Thank you in advanced.
Best regards!

bulk h5p translate / massive translate by type o h5p
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Hi Pelaso!

There's no bulk conversion feature yet, but since H5P content is just a bunch of zipped json files (relevant for translation), it shouldn't be too difficult to create a script.