Dialog Cards left text align not working

Hi there

The 'left' text-align option does not appear to work when formatting text on dialog cards themselves. It always defaults to centered.

(It is possible to Align Right the text)


Is this a known bug? Thanks all.

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It's a well-known bug, which I reported almost 3 years ago, but it has still not been fixed. It is reported in the H5P bug tracker here: https://h5ptechnology.atlassian.net/browse/HFP-292

I have fixed it, alongwith a few other bugs and new features in my own experimental version of Dialog Cards here: http://www.rezeau.org/drupal/

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Hi all!

It's a well know bug and also well known that this cannot be fixed automatically, because there's no way to determine if text being centered now is intentional or not.



Thanks Oliver. That makes sense. Perhaps a new version will be phased in overtime. It's not a massive problem but just looks strange when using lots of text. Cheers

Thanks for the help Papi Jo. I definitely think this would be useful for one or two of our dialog cards as they have lots of text on them. Very much appreciate your pointing to your resource - thanks again :)