Access Drupal Media Library from within H5PEditor Iframe

Hello together,

We have H5P working inside a Drupal7 Installation.

We currently have the task to make embedding of images from the Drupal-Media-Library possible within the the CKEditors that are used within the H5Peditor. So, what we want is to have access to the Media-Library of Drupal. For that it's neccessary to add a Button to the CKEditor with a click event that triggers opening of the MediaBrowserPlus of Drupal.

In the Frontend-Rendering of Content the media-entity-tags have to be translated back to image tags again, using the Drupal Media Library again. 

Is such thing possible in any way?

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Have you seen this page on how to change the editor programatically? You might be able to add your custom code that gives you access to the media library.

Good luck!

- Tom