Playback Issue: Interactive Video player

Hello Guys,

We're having a challenge with embedding some youtube videos on our website. It doesn't happen for all videos, just some taken from you ube. We get a constant error "An error occured. Please try back later". Can you help us to determine why this is happening, please?

Please see our link here:

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I looked at your page, and I see a few things.

Here is what i get from right click + copy debug info.

  "debug_error": {

    "errorCode": "api.invalidparam",

    "errorDetail": "invalidVideodata.1",

    "message": "An error occurred. Please try again later.",



I think it's probably something wrong with the video you upload to YouTube.

If I press F12 on the keyboard, I can see in the Console, that you are getting some errors from Google Maps that you should check out.

- Tom


Thank you for checking it out. We'll get a developer to fix this error. We will have to be more careful with videos that we select.