Branching and more for Questionnaire

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I believe "Questionnaire" can be improved by means of several improvements and additions:

1. Branching: Also called "item-dependency", this feature makes it possible to make sure that the following item in the questionnaire depends on a certain response in the current item. For example:

Q1. "I use H5P on a ..... installation."   a. Moodle  b. Wordpress  c. Drupal

If response (a) is selected, the next question is:

Q2. "My Moodle version is .... ." a. 3.0   b. 3.1   c. 3.2   d. No idea

and so on. See the Survey plugin for Moodle for more detail.

2. Renaming this library. Anything with the word "question" in it scares learners away. I would suggest "Survey".

3. Displaying results. "Questionnaire" collects data through an LRS. This means that the results are not accessible to ordinary users of the website. This is logical when the data collected through Questionnaire contains sensitive information or information that will not interest ordinary users. However, there should also be an option to displays results on the website ("Display results after submission?"  Yes/No); in this case, the responses will need to be stored locally instead of being sent to an LRS server (once again, see Survey for Moodle). (To be frank, I still cannot see the reason why this library should make use of an LRS.)

Branching and display options for Questionnaire
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Which platform do you use the H5P activities on? If you are using Moodle, then the Moodle Questionnaire plugin has all you want, plus much more.

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Correction: I mentioned Moodle "Survey" plugin, but this should be "Feedback"; sorry for that.

To papi Jo: I agree that Moodle "Questionnaire" is very functional (I have used Moodle actively since 2004), but the point is that our intention here is to improve h5p, not suggest alternatives for it. If the improvement suggestions I make here for h5p Questionnaire are implemened, (1) there will be no need to install Moodle Survey plugin additionally, (2) there will be no need to pay for similar survey plugins on a Wordpress website (branching is always a "pro" feature for Wordpress survey plugins).

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Great idea :) I think it would be really cool to use Questionnaire/Survey in that way, especially on itself. 

It's on my to-do list and hopefully I can look into it in the coming weeks.