Column Content Type - Text within a Course Presentation not accurately responsive

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Hi there,

Just curious if this is a could be confirmed or denied as a bug.

Basically when you place a 'course presentation' inside of the column content type, the responsive nature of the text within the course presentation does maintain it's correct position.

Here's exactly what is going on:

When you create a course presentation alone, then this problem does not exist...that's my work around. But for some reason the column content type isn't working properly to maintain the position of text within course presentation.

Just curious if this is just me, or others can replicate this exact issue. 

I have included the file in question to see if you further understand the issue.

Many thanks again to all who look at this issues! Your help is greatly appreciated!



H5P file: 
Content types: 
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You are absolutely correct. The presentations do not resize correctly inside Column. I've created an issue for following up the bug here: HFP-828

Thank you for reporting!