Image Hotspots throws no events in xAPI

Hi There,

I'm using the xAPI event dispatcher to control the user journey on our moodle instance, however the 'Image Hotspots' content type isn't throwing any events.

When I run: H5P.externalDispatcher.on('xAPI', function (event) {console.log(}); in the console for testing, all other content types throw all sorts of events that I can couple logic onto, but not Image Hotspots.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?


  • We're running a dev version of moodle 3.5 and a live version of moodle 3.1 and the error occurs on both.
  • Desktop and Mobile Chrome Browser
  • H5P 1.14
  • Multiple Hotspot v1.0 Content Type
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Hi Guy ASRC!

Neither. The content type simply doesn't emit any xAPI statements.