Guess The Answer - Linking Multiple ones together


It would be great if I were able to create 5 "Guess The Answer" examples and have the user scroll through them like dialog cards.  Once they are done with one, they hit a 'next' button and go to the next one.   Is that possible?

Guess The Answer - grouping them together
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As it is at the moment, the "Guess the answer" activity is very limited indeed. Why don't you use the Dialog cards activity instead? In the Text (the front side of the cards) put your question (or just ???), add a picture, and put the answer in the Answer (the back side of the cards).

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Good suggestion!

It would be nice to use the Guess The Answer since those pictures are much larger and better for images with more detail.  In the meantime, I will use Dialogue Cards.  Thanks. 

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What optimum size would you like your pictures to be? It may be possible to enlarge the picture size in the dialog cards by customizing the CSS.