Dialog cards "scale long text" problem

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In the Dialog Cards activity, it seems that the feature to scale longish texts so that they fit inside the cards does not work consistently when the longish text resides in the Answer (back of the card) and the Text (Front of the card) has a short text.

Please look at my example here: https://h5p.org/node/56734

  1. Navigate from card #1 to card #4 without turning any card. Then turn card #4. -> Long text is not scaled.
  2. Then go to next card (#5)
  3. Then go back to card #4: you see the Answer (back of card) where the long text is scaled!


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Thanks for reporting this, I have created an issue for it at: https://h5ptechnology.atlassian.net/browse/HFP-835

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Thanks for creating the bug report!

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I've added the fix, and it will be released soon.

- Tom

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