Page loading time & H5P

Does the file size of H5P's on webpages have effect on its loading time?. In my case i found that H5P's are being loaded automatically with the page itself. I think this to be a reason for a slow loading webpage. If it is so, is there a way to restrict loading H5P's along with webpage. Can we load them separately?. Please help me resolve this doubt. 

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Hi naga!

Not sure if I can follow, but I'll try to answer. It's not really the file size that matters, but the type of content you're using. Compound content types such as Interactive Video or Course Presentation will have to load a bunch of other libraries and that requires some time. To the best of my knowledge, there's no way to delay loading content (e.g. wait until someone explicitly hits a button labeled "start exercise" or something like that).