Bug Feature when I select Quality Function for Video.

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Dear team,

I found out a problem about select quality function for video.

I upload two videos from local PC, one put name "720p Quality 1" and another. See more details attached file below.


When select quality function for video, it is not working. I have checked in chrome browser. You can search keywords in lines:


// Change source

track.src = getCrossOriginPath(qualities[quality].source); // (iPad does not support #t=).

// Note: Optional tracks use same crossOrigin as the original. You cannot mix.


The console display in web

26f9b78b20794feb4293e1717bc6810fcee09ff3.js:21093 Uncaught ReferenceError: track is not defined

    at Video.Html5.self.setQuality (26f9b78b20794feb4293e1717bc6810fcee09ff3.js:21093)

    at i.updateQuality (26f9b78b20794feb4293e1717bc6810fcee09ff3.js:25295)

    at HTMLLIElement.<anonymous> (26f9b78b20794feb4293e1717bc6810fcee09ff3.js:25295)

    at HTMLLIElement.dispatch (jquery.js?ver=2019052100:2)

    at HTMLLIElement.v.handle


Hope to receive feedback from team!

Best regards,

Bug Feature when I select Quality Function for Video.
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Hi johndev,

Thank you for reporting this. I filed a bug report and you can follow the progress here.


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HI BV52! 

Thanks for the note -- I appreciate your promptness. 

I hope we can discuss about this problem and fix it ASAP.

Thank you so much!