Find the Words on Mobile Phone

Hi, first I want to thank you for this great content type, I´ve really waited for. And it works great on desktop. But there are still some issues on mobile (Samsung J4+, Motorola C, ...). Sometimes it breaks the line or doesn´t show the line complete. (switsh to 6 charakters and bigger font like in screenshot below).
Is there any limitation of charakters and any possibillty to extend the limit a bit?
Thanks a lot
I already tried to create the topic yesterday and I hope not to create a crosspost.

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Hi Klaus_Reuss,

Please check my answer here. I apologize that you have to post this the second time. To make sure that no spam gets through all new posts are unpublished by default. The admistrators of the site checks them on a regular basis and publishes them as soon as possible.