No answer selected in Multiple Choice question

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I was about to post this under "Bugs"; however, this is not a "bug" but rather a "punishment" for the absent-minded! In Question Set (or any other library where Multiple Choice question is used), if you forget to check the "Correct" option, there is no warning. The question is then saved as a "multi-select" item and, naturally, all options are "wrong". Therefore, it is essential that some sort of a warning should appear if one or more questions are entered without answers while creating or editing a quiz.

When a quiz is created or edited, there should be a warning if a multiple choice question is entered/edited without the correct option selected.
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Hi Hakangur,

Thanks for your suggestions.  think , since it's a "legal" state, something unintrusive would be needed. Like an icon, or bordercolor indicating "warning".

I'll pass this on to Jelena (Designer), to see what she thinks.

- Tom

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Thanks for your suggestion,
I made an issue here for it here: