Course Presentation: Print dialog box not fully visible when Print button clicked in

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In a H5P Course Presentation the Print dialog box appears clipped at top of slide screen when Print button clicked.

To replicate:

  1. Add H5P activity to Section
  2. Select Course Presentation
  3. Gear icon > Edit settings
  4. Under Behavior settings select Enable print button
  5. Add a couple of slides
  6. Click Save and display button
  7. Click the Print button

Expected result: The dialog box to appear in the centre of the slide area.

Actual result: The dialog box appears cropped with the Print all slides and Print current slide buttons visible, but the text above it clipped.

Tested in:

  • Moodle 3.6
  • H5P 1.18 (2019052100) 
  • Windows – Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome
  • Mac OS – Chrome 
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Hi carijansen,

 Thank you for reporting this. I created a bug report and you can follow the progress here.