Find Multiple Hotspots Doesn't Display Final Score

Hi there

We're having an issue with the 'Find Multiple Hotspots' content type where the final score isn't displayed at the end of an attempt. As you can see in the screenshot below, a gold star for completion is displayed but the score is not. Every other content type performs perfectly, it is only this one that presents the error.


  • We're running a dev version of moodle 3.5 and a live version of moodle 3.1 and the error occurs on both.
  • Desktop and Mobile Chrome Browser
  • H5P 1.14
  • Multiple Hotspot v1.0 Content Type


Content types: 
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The content type "Find Multiple Hotspots" was not created by the H5P core team but by Luke Muller. Unfortunately, he discontinued development, see

Hopefully someone in the community will adopt his project.