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Let me get straight to the point: The option of adding "media" files to the "Quiz Introduction" section in the Question Set would be very useful.

We intend to use h5p to create listening activities for the TOEFL iBT. For the uninitiated, in this section of the language tests, (1) studens listen to a lecture or a dialogue and take notes; at this stage, they cannot see the questions and after that (2) a number of questions (5 to 7 in number) appear on the screen, one after the other. There is also an audio file for at least one of the questions ("What does the professor mean when he says this:" and a short excerpt from the listening passage - so-called "Rhoterical meaning" question). 

Currently, we are obliged to add the media file to Question 1 although, ideally, this question should not be on the screen during the listening phase. In addition, when we design exercises for Rhetorical Understanding, ALL questions are accompanied by audio files. In this case, things become more complex.

To solve the problem, we use "Column"; the first task is "Audio" (for the listening passage), followed by Question Set with the Quiz Introduction displayed (so that the student will not see the questions). If the option of adding media files to the Quiz Introduction were present, this would be easier.

As far as the media file is concerned, I also have a "complaint" but I spare this for my forthcoming post - "one post one topic."

Media file for Quiz Introduction in Question Set
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Your suggestion is noted hakangur :) 

Looking forward to your upcoming post. 

first that all Tim thank you guys for the great job you are doing to help this community we would be nothing without you, you guys rock :)

getting back on the subject, Please I have been waiting for  this opiton too, it would be really useful to create exams or test similar to TOEFL.

greeting from Ecuador  :) 

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Hi nustrem, 

thanks for sharing your perspective. 'Exam mode' for H5P is a critical feature and one that really needs to be added. It's on the roadmap but I can't give an exact date for when it will be developed.