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In the Course Presentation (CP) and also in the Question Set (QS) "behaviour settings" we have 2 "override" options, which work in a similar way, for the "show solution" and "retry" buttons. These options work as expected, but the description could be improved.

In the dropdown list there are 3 choices:

  • "-" (none)
  • "Enabled"
  • "Disabled"

I suggest that a more clear labelling of the options might be:

  •     "No override"
  •     "Force Show solution button"
  •     "Force Disable Show solution button"

The Description says "This option determines if the "Show Solution" button will be shown for all questions, disabled for all or configured for each question individually." I suggest re-writing this as:

"This option determines if the "Show Solution" button will be configured for each question individually (No override), shown for all questions (Force Show solution button) or disabled for all or (Force Disable Show solution button) ."

Ditto for the Retry button.

There is another problem.  At the end of a Course Presentation, on the Summary slide, there are 2 buttons: Show solutions and Retry. this is confusing, as these buttons have the same label as the individual questions, but they apply to all questions. I suggest these 2 buttons on the Summary slide be re-labeled as "Show all solutions" and "Retry all questions".

Actually, when I started to use the Course Presentation activity, I - wrongly - thought that the Override "Show Solution" button and
Override "Retry" button options applied to those 2 buttons on the Summary page!

It might be useful to add 2 more options to the CP (and QS) behaviour settings (check boxes): to Hide the "Show all solutions" and "Retry all questions" on the Summary page? This has been asked recently here: and here:

EDIT.- This is a completely edited version of an earlier message I posted which contained wrong findings. Sorry!


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