Exportable Text

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It seems that course presentations no longer have the ability to have user-entered data unless you use the exportable text type, and it updated the old ones. 

This is a bummer because it directly inserts the "url" of where the H5P was created ... not useful if iframe as it sends users to the core site and i don't want them to go there since they are using as H5p. Could we just make that optional?

Also, it breaks on iphone and there is no way of turning the exportable part off or having it detect and turning that link off for the phone. Might be nice to add two toggles:

1. Remove url in exported text.
2. Remove Export Text from summary screen or have it detect device.

thank you.


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Hi Sasha,

Thank you for reporting this. I created a bug report here.

Would you mind elaborating on the issue with iphone.



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it just doesn't work on mobile so it should detect and not show exportable text button since it is not relevant on mobile since it won't export.