Course Presentation Not Recording Interactive Video Questions

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If you add an interactive video to a course presentation it will add a dot to the slide type, but once they answer it the dot on the navigation line doesn't fill in ... but puttting the same question on the slide outside the interactive video works fine. 

Also, if you leave and come back, the summary total for any question that was located within an interactive video loses its summary screen status, meaning it no longer keeps reporting any progress you made on returning to the page. 

thanks so much.

Suggestion - it would be amazing to have an option to make a tast "completed video" and able to have it fill in the dot if people filled in the video.
Suggestion 2 - it would be amazing to have it possible not to go to the next slide unless they successfully completed a task on the previous slide if there was one.

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Hi sbarab,

Thank you for reporting this. I have created created a bug report and you can follow the progress here. However I am unable to reproduce the second issue.