H5P at the intersection of Wordpress and the Oxygen page builder

I am seeing this error and I would like to get rid of it:

screenshot of error message

Although the Multiple Choice Question module DOES display properly on the front end,  Every time I open the Oxygen Visual Editor, this message appears.

I should note that my layout has the H5P module hidden upon initial display of the page.  Of course I bumped into the problem of H5P modules having zero height when revealed after being hidden in the initial display of the page, so a colleague came up with this bit of JS to solve for it:

jQuery('#%%ELEMENT_ID%%').off('click');jQuery('#%%ELEMENT_ID%%').click(function() {  jQuery('#h5p-iframe-8').css("height","310px");});


That works, and the front end seems fine, I only see the error on the backend, so I could ignore it, but it's annoying, coming up on every page in the visual editor.

I am using the latest versions of Wordpress(5.2.2), Oxygen(2.4), and H5P(1.13.1).

BTW, no errors show in the browser console when I inspect the element on the front end display.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!