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Hi guys.

I am doing some tests with your “Branch scenario” tool since I find it wonderful and I would like to use it throughout my site. Yesterday, I started creating an activity with BS where I use many interactive videos. Some of these activities involve questionnaires with “open-ended questions”. When performing the tests on my smartphone I found that open questions can be answered without any problem when the cell phone is in portrait orientation. Here, when the user needs to use the cell phone’s keypad, there is no problem.

The problem arises when you fit the cell phone to landscape orientation. Here, when you try to type something the Android keypad is displayed and when you enter any text in the answer box and click on enter, the activity immediately disappears and the only thing being displayed is a black box with a line in the middle and the video controls o it. NO MORE!

As I said before, my goal is to implement the branching scenario throughout my site. But now that I noticed this problem, I don’t think I can implement it, at least in the short term, until you can give me a better view of the complexity of the problem.

Thanks for the time and help

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Hi wowingles1,

I am unable to reproduce the issue you described above. Would you mind cross-reproducing this issue? I created a test content here, please check if the issue will happen on your side. Meanwhile would you mind providing a test URL so that we can check on our side as well.