H5P File Won't Upload on WP - Missing Files? Hmmm...

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Hi there!

Love H5P! 

Today I'm having an issue with uploading an h5p to my WP site.

Basically, I'm looking to break one big H5P file (a course presentation) up into 2 smaller h5p files. I want to do this by downloading the original big file, then re-uploading under a different name, then once re-uploaded go in and delete the slides I don't want to make it smaller.

However, I've encountered the below problem on both Safari and Chrome and even on different WP websites! I'm running the latest release on Feb. 14, too.

Here it is:


Not sure how to get around it. Can anyone replicate this issue?

I've attached the file in question I'm trying to upload. Any ideas or help would be fantastic!



Content types: 
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Hi Timothy,

Thanks for creating videos with your bugs, and you explaing so clearly what the problem is. I really appreciate it! :)

I think the mistake here is that you are trying to upload a Content type update, in the same place where content is uploaded. Which isn't allowed. (Maybe the core team can improve this error message, to make it clearer for the user).

Can you follow the instructions here for updating, and let us know if it works out for you?

Have a great day!

- Tom

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I went back and re-read your text, and I'm usure if I answered your question. Let me know if I got it wrong.

- Tom

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Yes, you are right...Sorry, I was just clicking on the wrong file! Yikes!  Likely due to a lack of sleep...Just not thinking clearly! Thanks for pointing out the obvious! Unfortunately, I am still unable to upload the proper file...but I think it's a problem with my platform.  For some reason the when I try with the proper file, it just returns me to a blank screen instead of uploading the H5P. I have tried it on my other site, and it works...So, I think there's something fishy with my platform. I'm talking to the company now who hosts things and built up the site to take a look at it. Will get back if problems persists...Thank you again! Timothy

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Good luck then, Timothy! Hopefully you get it sorted out.

- Tom