Translating H5P

Hi! I´m using H5P in Moodle, it´s really great. I just have a question, are you planning to translate it? It would be great to have it in spanish.


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Hi Veronica,

I may not have a list but a lot of the contents are available in Spanish. Most translations are actually community driven.

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Could you help me to understand how to translate content builder, see the screenshot here: <a href=""></a>

I use H5P in Wordpress. I've tried to translate h5p plugin with Loco translate, but there's no strings, that I can see in content builder.



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Hi Vitaly,

I suggest you visit this documentation  to get more information on how to translate contents.

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Hi, BV52,

Yes I've read it. But:

1) I see, russian language already exist  I can see it in language list in  languages folder of the H5P plugin, but translation doesn't appear for mentioned strings.

2) I can't find the h5p-nb_NO.pot in the languages folder of the H5P plugin (I can see only *.po and *.mo files)

3) In I can't see the strings, that I want to translate. For example for drag and Drop element: "Show points earned for each answer. Not available when the 'Give one point for the whole task' option is enabled."