Internet Explorer 11 - Interactive Video

The H5P Interactive Video function works perfectly in Chrome and Firefox.  However, there are some issues with Internet Explorer.  I use Moodle for my LMS.  My courses consist of videos linked from my private Vimeo channel.  Within the videos are interactions such as true/false or multiple choice questions.  It works fine in IE if you watch the entire course without getting out of the course and coming back later to finish it.  I have the Save Content State on so users can take over where they left off.  When they go back into the course, it will start playing, but the timer is not ticking.  In other words, if you stopped at 2:04 the timer stays at 2:04 but the video is playing.  The other issue is that it plays without stopping for the interactions.  There is a way to manually fix this -- When going back in to finish the course (and the video starts and the timer is still stopped) -- pressing the pause button, then the play button seems to reset it and get it where it needs to be.  Is there a setting or fix for this? Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.

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Hi kscallan,

This sounds like a bug specific to your setup. I tried this myself using an uploaded video as well as one that is hosted in YT but did not get the same behavior. Would you mind providing a test URL so that we can check this more?