Upload h5p file to WordPress fails

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when I select "Libraries" in the H5P menu and try to upload a .h5p file from my computer to WordPress, it seems this does not work, because no content available afterwards.

I am sure the .h5p is correct, since I have that in use on the h5p.org site already.

I have traced WordPress, but nothing in the logfile whatever.

Also I read a few forum threads about similar problems, but could not find a solution.

Please help!


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Hi Dirk!

I think I can solve your problem. In Wordpress, the menu item "libraries" is meant to upload newer versions of the underlying code of H5P (they're called "libraries"). I guess what you want is to click on the menu item "create" and then change the radio button inside the "action"  widget to "upload". This will allow you to upload content types that have been created and downloaded elsewhere.

Does this solve your issue?



Thanks otacke.  I'm a  newbie and you've answered my question! :-)