Moodle: Doesn't send scores in the gradebook


In Moodle 3.7 and H5P 1.18 the score is not passed to the Gradebook. In Course Presentation when every question is compleated I got the summary page, but the score is not shown in the gradebook. Also if the Activity completion is set to "Student must receive a grade to complete this activity" the activity is not checked.
In the Gradebook when click on the activity the achieved score is correct, but it doesn't show as a grade in the gradebook.



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Hi basethic,

If I'm not mistaken you used the sample Berries Course Presentation. I tested this as well, the scores gets registered in the Gradebook and the activity gets marked as complete. Can you please try creating a simple test with only one activity in it and see if the scores pushes through. If it does the only reason I could think of is that there is one activity that was not finished in its entirety. If it doesn't please take a screenshot of the Grades and Activity Completion settings.