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I am interested in doing a specific type of Drag & Drop quiz in the middle of an existing question set I am building on my blog with H5P.

So as I am building, I go to Question # 2, and the first one is a Multiple Choice, but the 2nd question I want as a Drag & Drop.  So I looked through the documentation and the only available type seems to be where I set up a series of answers and the correct one gets dragged onto the picture, and it's either correct or not, like the strawberry example at https://h5p.org/tutorial-drag-and-drop-question.  But I don't want any images!

What I am actually interested in doing is similar to what is in the Drag the Words page (https://h5p.org/documentation/content-author-guide/tutorials-for-authors/drag-the-words), which is confusingly either for only Drupal (I am using WordPress) or not only Drupal (WordPress users seem to have a lot of problems).  But the question and answer set is limited.  So, for instance let's say this is the Drag & Match type I want:

          Kansas                                     United States

          Quebec                                    United States

          Nunavit                                     Canada

          California                                  United States

          Nevada                                     Canada

Now in this example, it doesn't matter which United States someone drags Kansas to, or which Canada someone drags Nunavit to.  Is that something which can be done in H5P?

Here is a graphic example of what I'd like to have in the H5P question set, as one of the quiz question set questions (image as attachment if not below https://h5p.org/sites/default/files/question_match_h5pset.jpg):

Someone PLEASE explain to me in simple terms even a cavemen can understand (GRARRRRRRRR!) how I can do this.

Thanks :)

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Hi SciFi,

This is possible with the Drag and Drop content type. You first need to create the drop zones and make sure that you set to show the label. Next is create texts as draggables in its settings choose all drop zones (this tells the draggable that it can be dropped in any of the drop zones). Lastly you have to open each drop zone and choose the correct answers. I created a crude sample here feel free to download it so that you ccan check the settings.