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I really tried to not post this, but after more than one hour trying to figure out how to use translations I gave up and decided to ask for help.
I created a github account, I looked for traslation files - didn't find one for PT_BR on the interactive video folder.

I couldn't find the json language files in my H5P WP installation. What am I missing?

How do I change H5P content default language? I want to have a Portuguese language file so I don't have to manually translate everytime I create a content.

Than you, thank you, thank you!

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Hi, Fernando!

git(hub) can in fact be a little tedious. Have you already have time to have a look at "Adding content type translations via GitHub"?

Hi Otacke

Thanks for replying.
Yes, I've read many things with little success.
On this link you sent me the file semantics.json is mentioned. If I seach the instalations files in the ftp the only json that shows up is composer.json. Where is the semantics.json? I manually searched all folders. Sorry for my ignorance.

Thank you!

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Translating the semantics.json files is the way to go for H5P content types. Sorry, I didn't notice that you seem to be interested in Wordpress primarily. You can find all available translations for Wordpress in the languages folder. You may want to use software such as Poedit to create new translations.

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Thanks for helping out otacke :))

Thank you!
Now I got it! :)

Just a question, how do I change the language in the front end? or does it follow my WP instalation language?

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Hey Fernando! 

Great that you made it work. The WordPress plugin will retrieve the language that you chose for your WordPress system. For H5P content types, I don't know. I have not yet stumbled upon the corresponding code. Maybe someone from the core teams can help out? 



Thanks, Oliver!

Very much appreciated! 

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You're welcome! It's great that you're supporting H5P.