How to design a drag and drop to a table activity

I want to create an activity where students drag a list of words into different set of columns in a table (categorize ) e.g. different city names and they have to drag them to the correct country names on a table. How can this be done using drag and drop?

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This is pretty much the perfect usecase for Drag and Drop, so yes!

  1. Create dropzones for each country
  2. Create city as Text (draggable), where you select all your contries to be legal dropzones
  3. Go trough your country dropzones to select the correct answer(s) for each

- Tom

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Hi Tom, 

I would like to know that is it possibale to enlarge the image or text  into full when I drag on right drop zone and if you know some other work around to do this ....


I am looking forward to hearing from you

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Hi Kumar,

This is not possible with Drag and Drop. There is however a content that you can use as a substitute, you can use Image Hotspots. The main difference is that you do not have the effect of a magnifying glass moving over to the item instead you have an icon that you can click on to see the text.