After disabling retry button in interactive video retrying still possible if page reloaded

I am using interactive video components on a Moodle page. I would like to use the points from the interactive tasks as a component of the course grade, so I disabled the retry button on all assignments. But this does not really work beause it seesm to reset if the user reloads the page. After a reload, the user sees their previous answer and can change them. This basically allows the studenst to just fill in random answers, check the correct answer, and reload the page to update their answer to match the correct answer.

This occurs with at least the following tasks: mark the words, multiple choice set, drag and drop, word drag, fill in the blanks. It does not occur with: single choice set, summary task.

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Hi mronkko,

I'm afraid this is actually a lack of feature to "lock" the answers once finished. I have moved this post to the feature request forum.