Matching Game

It would be helpful if you could create matches between two different things, like between a picture and a word. Or between two pictures that show something opposite.


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This has already been implemented and will be released very shortly, so stay tuned, thanks!

Any news on this? A rough ETA?

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This should be available in the latest version, you just have to add two images to one card.

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That's the MEMORY GAME activity. You can have cards with 2 images to match. But you can't match words only.

I don't think we're talking about the same activities. Memory game is too basic for the level / activities I'm thinking of.

We are writing for second language learners . 'Matching' activities are where sts match separated sentence halves or collocations, for example. They might have 7 pairs of items and there is only one correct solution. It's a standard recognition activity for practice in ESL. You could make these easily a decade ago using apps like Hot Potatoes. It's a little like a drag and drop but far less laborious to set up. 

I guess I need to detail this in the H5P supporter program Feature request.