Metadata title field of "Drag and Drop" question type is rendered in wrong markup

We are using H5P Moodle plugin, version 1.17.2 (2019031301)

Normally, the markup of class 'h5p-question-introduction' contains the text for the question which is presented to the user. We styled this class in a way, that it is very obvious to the user, that the actual question text is located there.
But when you create a question of type "Drag and Drop", then the field 'Title' which is described as a field for metadata, is rendered into the markup of classes 'h5p-question-introduction' and 'h5p-dragquestion-introduction'. Please see screenshots attached.

I assume, it is a bug to render the contents of a metadata field in this markup/classes. Am I right? Will it be fixed?

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Hi Alexander,

I think this is related to this bug report.