The shortcode is not working with elementor page builder


I would like first to thank your for your great tool, you are providing an amazing service

I am using Elementor page builder in Wordpress. when I add the H5p's shordcode inside the Elementor it's doesn't work on cell phone but works fine on computer!!

Are there any conflict with H5P plunging and other pluging that embed the H5P shortcode?

Thank you in adanve for your support. 

Best regards. 

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Hi dido2038,

Do you have a sample content. I'm sorry I am unable to repro the issue since my test machine is not published.


Hi BV52;

Please find attached a screen shot from the page and the sample content I have used.

Inside the green zone I used the short code [h5p id="3"], sometime it's works sometime not, especially when I checked the page on my cell phone.

For your information; the green zone is a text editor from Elementor page builder in wordpress.

 Best regards.

H5P file: