Change of full-screen icon location in Branching Scenario to top right

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I had some trouble finding the full-screen mode in the branching scenario. The location of the icon (top left) is a bit unuasal. If you compare other H5P content types then the full screen mode is bottom right (Course Presentation, Interactive Video) or top right (Image Hotspots, Iframe Embedder, Image Slider, Impressive Presentation (ALPHA), Timeline, Virtual Tour (360)). So top right is the most common place for the full screen mode. Only the Branching Scenario places the icon top left. It would be great for consistency and intuitive use if the icon can be moved to the top right area :)

(In case of the bottom right (Course Presentation, Interactive Video) the full screen icon is placed inside the playbar, that exception is understandable. )

Great content type though!! 


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Hi procademy,

Thank you for posting this and as a mentioned on your other post I agree with your observations.