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I'm working with Moodle 3.5.5+, and my H5P plugin is 1.17.2 (build 2019031301). I've updated my whole system recently, but I always updated H5P libraries regularly. Since this update, I noticed that the videos coming from the WebTV of my university don't work anymore with the interactive videos.

For example, this is the link of a video from the WebTV :

Before, when I pasted the URL, I could go to the next step (creating my questions and so one). But now, I'm stuck and this message "Video format not supported" appears !! Therefore, another strange thing : old H5P modules working with videos of the WebTV are still ok... Maybe something changed in the libraries ?

Any help would be welcome !


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Hi Olivier!

Have you checked the development console for error messages (usually opened by pressing F12). I think problems with missing/wrong CORS-Headers can also lead to the behavior that you're describing. Please cmp. e.g. for details.



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Thanks Oliver! You are correct I just tested this and it is indeed a CORS issue. 

@Olivier Accessibility is very important for H5P, and in order to allow subtitles for external videos we're currently requiring that the servers they are hosted on has an Access-Control-Allow-Origin header set that allow / or whatever site you're using access to the video in a cross origin resource sharing manner. If you have control over the the video hosting site you need to add set Access-Control-Allow-Origin header or you can contact the hosting site to add this.


Hello !

Thank you very much for tyour answer ! I've read all the old posts on this subject, and indeed, I read some concerning this CORS issue... but I must admit I'm a bit lost !

I tried to open my navigator console, but I didn't see any error concerning this ! Could you just tell me in which part did you see this ? So the only solution is to parameter the video hosting server or website ? My WebTV turns with Joomla! ane the server (if I remember) belongs to my university.

Thank you ! :)


thank you very much for your answer ! 
But I must admitt I'm a bit lost... :)  How did you see the error with the console ? In which tab did you see that ?

Just a little detail : when you say to add the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header, does it mean to parameter my website (my WebTV turns with Joomla!), or the server hosting my WebTV ?

Thank you very much for your help !

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Hi Olivier,

You can see the error in the "console" tab of the or in Chrome's case you can click on the red x (screenshot attached). 

In regards to CORS and how to add the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header this page may help out. This is needed on the site that you upload/save the videos into.